Sunday, May 22, 2011

5th Dengue Fever Cases in Bayu Perdana 2 Vicinity

Just to report that there were 4 nos. of Dengue Fever cases 2 weeks ago involving 3 houses in our neighbourhood. Last week, I was the 5th Dengue Fever victim, but fortunately, my Dengue Fever only lasted 4 days and I recovered without being admitted into any hospital, except to have my blood test taken each day to monitor the platelet count. It was 120 on 3rd day, 94 on 4th day, 69 on 5th & 6th day, 63 on 7th day, then 99 on 8th day. By the 4th day, my fever and muscle aches had disappeared and I managed to recover back to my normal strength. I still believe the source of all this Aedes mosquitoes breeding ground is the water retention pond built by the developer next to our housing area. See article posted before this (Mosquito Breeding Gound)

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