Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Security Guards attacked & robbed on 23 May 2012

Just to inform all residents that both our security guards were attacked & robbed in the early morning hours at about 5.00 am on 23 May 2012 at the guard house by a group of 5 Indian men in a car. Both our security guards lost all their moneys & handphones after they were attacked by the men in the car when they were stopped from entering our housing area at the guard post. One of the security guard was quite badly beaten (beaten using the patrol batton stick on his head) and was hospitalised for 3 days. A police report was lodged by the security guard company and the Residents Committee had a meeting with the deputy Ketua Balai Polis of Kota Damansara (Sgt. Abd. Latif) at the place of incidents a few nights later to discuss the incident and new security measures to be undertaken. The Residents Committee made a decision & to replace the existing damaged old Security Guard Tent with a new Security Guard Cabin come with lighting points and a spotlight will be fixed on it if we can get power to be connected to the new Cabin at the suggestion of Sgt. Abd. Latif.

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