Monday, January 24, 2011

Cute Beagel in Pet Shop in Giant Kota Damansara

While I was walking from the Giant Kota Damansara car park to take the lift up to the news agent shop to buy my early morning papers on 23 Jan 2011, I came accross this cute Beagel dog at the Pet shop in Giant Kota Damansara. I couldn't help but took my h/p out to snap some pics of this cute dog looking alittle forlorn and bored sitting on his toy gorilla doll. Perhaps it was saying that I have flattened this gorilla on the floor whilst playing with it or perhaps it was finding some warmth sitting on top of this doll on the cold morning.

The 2nd pic tells a story of boredom with no where to turn to to find the company that it needs, perhaps hoping for a kind loving pet lover to come and bring it home.

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