Monday, January 24, 2011

Low Water Pressure @ our neighbourhood

I notice that the water pressure in our housing area has gotten very low as compared to the days when we 1st moved in July 2009. Take a look at the reading of the incoming water pressure reading taken off the pressure gauge attached to my water filter below :

This reading of 0.5 bar (8 psi) in mid afternoon is kinda low I think. The water pressure gets slightly better at night when the reading becomes about 0.8 bar (12 psi). Maybe we should request Syabas to come and take a look at the low water pressure in our housing area.

According to Syabas' Client charter (, it states that :

The Company aims to provide adequate water supply with the following minimum residual gauged pressure at the point of connection during peak flow in the long term :

Rural : 10 m.
Urban : 22 m. 

Maybe someone from Syabas can convert that meter head to psi or bar readings for us.

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