Sunday, April 24, 2011

House Break-In @ 2.00 pm 24 April 2011 (Sunday)

Dear Residents,

A house break-in happened around 2:00 pm, Sunday, 24 April, 2011 (Look at the date & time at the bottom of each snapshot picture when my house CCTV was replayed & paused). It happened to Mr. James Leong's house, 11, Jln. Kenyalang 11/4C, which is just next to Jeffrey Ooi's house (2 doors away from my house).

His alarm went off around that time, and he reach home about 10 min. after the break-in. I think he also got a call from Mr. Jeffrey Ooi about his house alarm setting off.

From my CCTV video replay, I think there were 2 cars involved in the break -in, First of all the dark-colour Proton Persona which was driven by a lady with a tudung I guess (cant see clearly from my CCTV camera angle) will stop at their targetted house (occupied but owner not in) to ring the door bell to confirm that the owner is not in. After that, it could be that the 1st car will call the 2nd BMW car within the same vicinity to come & break-in. This is my theory judging from my CCTV sequence of the time & movement of the 2 cars recorded.

It was fortunate that Mr. James Leong came back after his handphone was alerted by the house alarm & came back to check. He saw some guys jump over to the next door fence (unoccupied house) when he arrived. I think they must have left coolly after taking his laptop, passport, and some other items as the Proton Persona on the lookout must have alerted them about the return of James Leong.

Please be on the look out for any suspicious car like those in the pictures esp. during the day time when there is no security guard.

So far, I think 4 houses in my row (Jln.Kenyalang 11/4C)  have CCTVs (Edward Lu, mine, Jeffrey Ooi & Mr. Thomas Wong) Please let us know if others also have CCTVs so that we can form a useful network to record any incidents like these and replay them for evidence when needed. Mine has the storage capacity to store about 2 and the half months recordings (1 TerraByte hard disk). Mind you most of our CCTVs are only PAL 4 CIF resolution which is only 704 x 576 pixels (not clear enough to capture details like car plate nos). Only the latest new HD (High Definition) CCTVs in the market can capture those details @ 1920 x 1200 pixels resolutions but will take much much bigger storage and cost many times more than our ordinary PAL analog CCTVs.

This is the 2nd incident of house break-in in our neighbourhood. The 1st incident happened to our 1st resident, Pn. Anita on the 24 July, 2009, a day before the 3 of us neighbours (Jaseni, myself & Jeffrey) moved in.

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