Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daytime Security for Hari Raya Season

The Committee Members have all agreed to hire 1 no. of security guard to provide security services from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm for the Hari Raya season starting from Friday 26th August 2011 until Sunday 4th Sept. 2011 (10 days period). Thus we will have round the clock security services for 10 days for the Hari Raya season to prevent any untoward break-ins or roberries. We think the little balance from our security collection will be enough to pay for this daytime security services without having to collect any additional fees from all residents.

We hope that each and every residents will help one another to keep a watchful eye for those paying residents who will be going outstation or 'balik kampung' during this Hari Raya season.


3kenyalang said...

On 2011 August 27, around 6am in the morning. I suspected someone walking on my roof, I heard footstep, to make sure what I'm hearing is correct, I shouted and it shocked the person on the roof, as he/she jumped to the water storage tank area. Then I heard footstep running on the roof again. I sounded the alarm and went out to check. The security guard came over, and I explained what happen. I hope residents of Bayu Perdana 2, please take caution and be alert!!!

Steven She said...

If anyone suspects any suspicious character in our vicinity, we should immediately sound the house alarm if we have one, or else sound the car alarm to frighten away the would-be intruder. Immediately call our Security Guard on his handphone (En. Mahmood H/p : 014-642 3023 or En. Ajak H/p : 010-246 6598) or better still we can call the nearest Balai Polis Kota Damansara at 03-6142 1222. Ask the Polis Station to send a patrol car to check out the suspicious chararter or would-be intruder. (Remember we (the Rakyat) are paying the salaray of the Policeman, so they should be obliged to check out the situation.