Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maid sneaking out in the early morning?

An incident believed to be the Indonesian maid of one of our residents (Mr. Thomas Wong, 21, Jln. Kenyalang 11/4C) sneaking out of the house early in the morning and returning back about an hour an a half later caught the attention of our security guard who went to investigate and found the person climbing over Mr. Thomas Wong's fence and entering his house through the kitchen door.

Below is the image taken from a CCTV recording of the whole incident.

At around 2.42 am in the morning of 30 Aug 2011, the person with a towel or some kind of clothing covering her head (believed to be the Indonesian maid of Mr. Thomas Wong) was seen leaving his house here to go and meet someone (possibly the construction site as she did not pass by the security gate/checkpoint)

 At around 4.23 am, the person(maid) was seen passing by my house to return back to Mr. Wong's house.

However one of our security guard spotted the maid at a distance and followed her back. She was seen climbing over Mr. Wong's fence to get into his house.  He then went to Mr. Thomas's house to ring his door bell to alert him, but the doorbell was out of order (not working).

 Both the security guards came over to my house. One of the security guard (En. Ajak) then called me on my handphone at around 5.10 am to wake me up to inform me of the suspicious character seen climbing over the fence of Mr. Thomas.

I then called Mr. Thomas Wong to inform him of the suspicious character seen climbing over his fence as reported by the security guard (En. Ajak).

He then called the Kota Damansara police station to send someone over to investigate.

The police car arrived and Mr. Thomas replayed his CCTV footage over the incident. From the CCTV recordings, it was clear that his maid was seen leaving the house through his kitchen at around that time (2.42 am). Since there was no forced entry into his house, the police deduced that it must have been his maid and not any outside intruder entering his house.

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