Sunday, August 21, 2011

Google Map Layout Showing Houses Paying & Not Paying for Security Fees

The above Google Map indicates the Bayu Perdana 2 Residents' House Nos. which pay for the security fees as well as those who do not pay or are unwilling to pay for security fees.

The security fees per month at the moment (as of  May 2011 onwards) is RM 130/month (previously it was RM 150/month) and residents are requested to pay 3 months in advance to minimise the collection rounds which Committee Members have to engage in the collection of security fees.

It is worth noting that since our Guarded Neighbourhood Scheme started as of 1 November 2010 with the hiring of security services for 2 security guards for 12-hourly night security patrol (from 7.00 pm to 7.00 am), there has never been any untowards incidents such as robberies or house break-ins. Thus each and everyone of the residents have been able to sleep peacefully without any fears.

The question now is 'Is it fair that 31 residents are paying for the security and well-being of all the 41 houses in our neighbourhood?' Of course, we all know that we cant force everyone to pay up but we know that we all live in a neighbourhood and community where everyone should contribute to the well-being and security of our neighbourhood right? What it boils down to is that the 31 nos. of paying residents are paying RM 130.00 each month for the well-being and security of all the 41 nos. of houses in our neighbourhood.

3 nos. of car -stickers  have been issued to each paying houses for the security guards to identify which are paying residents. Non-paying residents will not be prevented from entering the security barrier at the entrance but they will be required to open the barriers themselves as the guards are instructed not to provide any services to these non paying residents. They have been enjoying free security all these while at the expense of paying residents. It is hope that if all the occupied residents of the 41 houses pay up their dues, we might be able to reduce the security fees to around RM 90.00/month.

Our Committee Members have had 2 meeting with Bayu Perdana 1 Committee Members over the setting up of a joint Guarded and Gated neighbourhood scheme, but so far they have not been receptive to the suggestion and has imposed a number of conditions before agreeing to our suggestion. We hope to be able to have another round of discussions with them again after Hari Raya to make it a viable proposition to jointly write to the developer to build a joint guard house at Jalan Kenyalang 11/4 for both Bayu Perdana 1 & 2 residents and also the provision of including the new 23 bungalow houses scheme being built next to us.

We will update our residents when our endeavours to this end bears any fruits. Keep tuning in to this website until then!

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